Step Repairs Newton

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Step Repairs Newton

Step repairs in Newton are a great way to save money and protect your asphalt. Repairing cracks and potholes in a timely manner will help prevent larger problems from developing. Step repairs can be done at any time of the year. We recommend that you repair small cracks or holes as soon as they are noticed to avoid further damage from weather, water and traffic.

Step repairs can also be combined with other services such as seal coating, hot rubber crack filling, or slurry sealing to create a complete maintenance program that is tailored specifically to your property and budget.

We have had a tradition of doing step repairs in Newton since the 1990s. The steps are made of concrete and reinforced with steel rods.

The Newton area requires that all steps be level and uniform, with a maximum height of 7 inches for any single step and a rise-to-run ratio of no greater than 7:1 (i.e., all steps should be between 5 and 7 inches in height).

Steps that are broken or have been patched with asphalt don’t last very long and often must be repaired within 1-2 years. Steps that are rebuilt according to current standards (per the ADA Code) usually last at least 24 years before they need to be repaired again.

There are different types of dangers associated with unrepaired steps:

  • Risk of falling from an unstable step
  • Risk of tripping on an uneven step, leading to an injury or falling down the stairs
  • Steps that are not level can cause damage to furniture, appliances or other items being moved up or down the stairs.

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Step Repairs Newton

What is a Step?

A Step is a type of product that you install on your wall to make it possible for you to get into and out of your home if you’re confined to a wheelchair. Each Step comes with a handrail and a sturdy platform that has wheels on the bottom to make it easy to wheel up and down. Depending on the model, it can support up to 400 pounds.

How much do Steps cost?

The main brand of Steps costs nearly $2400 per unit, with the price varying based on the size of the unit and any additional features you may want. Some other brands are around $2000.

What makes Steps better than other options?

Steps are designed specifically for people in wheelchairs, so they are very sturdy and safe. Because they come with handrails, users of all skill levels can use them easily and comfortably. They can be installed quickly by one person without any complicated tools or machinery, and they can be removed just as quickly if necessary, such as when you sell your house and move away. They don’t leave any permanent evidence that they were ever there, so if you’re renting, they won’t raise any red flags with your landlord or realtor.

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