Foundation Repairs Newton

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Foundation Repairs Newton

United Masonry Foundation repairs in Newton homes with prompt, reliable service. We have over 24 years of experience, and we specialize in small and large jobs alike. Whether you need a leaky faucet repaired or a foundation for your house, we are here to help! 

We take pride in doing quality work at fair prices. Our team is experienced and friendly, and we strive to provide excellent customer service. Please call us today for a free estimate! 

We are known for our professionalism and integrity throughout the industry. We will help you understand what has caused your foundation to fail so you can prevent further damage from occurring in the future. 

Foundation repair in Newton is a common problem. Homeowners living on expansive soil can experience foundation failure. During dry conditions, the soil under your home shrinks and the foundation settles. When it rains, the soil expands, pushing against the foundation walls causing cracks and misalignment of doors and windows. United Masonry Foundation Repair guys has been providing quality foundation repair to homeowners in Newton for over 24 years. 

How do you know if your foundation needs attention?

The only way to be certain is to have a professional look at it, but there are some telltale signs you should keep an eye out for. If you notice cracks in your basement walls, sloping floors, or doors or windows that stick telltale signs of a foundation problem, you might want to call an expert to conduct a thorough inspection. Be sure to keep an eye out for plumbing leaks or any other type of water damage (tiles coming loose or warped wood) in the areas surrounding the foundation as well—this can be an indication that the soil is shifting and putting pressure on your home. Finally, don’t forget to check under the house; you might notice bulges in your crawlspace floor or crumble of the support beams, both of which could be signs of foundation damage.

We offer free foundation estimates if you’re interested in hiring someone to assess the situation and give you a firm diagnosis and pricing details for repairs. Call now!

What methods do you use for repairing foundations?

The methods we use to repair foundations are primarily determined by the foundation we’re repairing. There are a few options for a concrete slab foundation, but the most common is to pour new concrete simply. If the damage is only minor, it’s possible to add on to the existing concrete, but when the damage is more severe, we can completely replace it.

For brick foundations, our approach varies. If there’s significant damage to a brick foundation and it’s not practical to repair it that way, we might tear down the damaged section of brick and rebuild with new bricks in order to prevent further damage. If it is possible to repair the damaged area of brick, that’s what we’ll do. We might also go ahead and lay down new mortar between the bricks where they were missing and strengthen them with steel mesh or mesh fabric so that they can support themselves better than before.

What types of foundations are there?

There are two kinds of foundations: pier and beam and slab. Pier and beam structures are built with beams placed on top of blocks buried deep into the ground; slabs are constructed with poured concrete spread over a shallow base of compacted gravel or sand. A pier and beam foundation is much stronger than a slab foundation but can’t withstand as much weight as its concrete cousin. So if you’re buying a home with a slab foundation, ask yourself how many people you expect to live there before deciding whether to repair it or find another place.

When you hire us for foundation repairs, you can be confident that our team will take the time to do it right so that your home lasts for another generation—or at least a few more years!

Foundation repairs can be complicated, and each house is unique, so it helps to have educated answers when you are trying to figure out what to do. Contact us today for Foundation repairs in the Newton area.

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