Chimney Rebuilds in Massachusetts

Chimney rebuilding is the process of completely rebuilding a chimney. With proper maintenance, a well-built masonry chimney can last over 100 years. However, even with properly applied waterproofing treatments and quality maintenance, chimneys may eventually require rebuilding due to structural damage caused by weather exposure, usage, lack of preventative maintenance, and time. United Masonry provides complete chimney rebuilds in Massachusetts and has decades of experience in restoring damaged chimneys using the best materials available. We also offer a water protection plan to help ensure your new chimney lasts for decades to come.

Chimney rebuilding

Why choose United Masonry & Foundation Waterproofing for Chimney Rebuild Service?

For many decades, United Masonry has been improving the lives of homeowners in Massachusetts. We have experience with all types of chimneys and can help you make the right choices for your place.

You may need to consider a partial chimney rebuild if your chimney is old enough for natural deterioration to have resulted in an uneven, crumbling chimney crown. With our partial chimney rebuild, we will replace the top few layers of brick and build a new cement crown. This is the only sure way to eliminate leaks in your chimney and ensure its future stability.

Our Flashing Up/Roof Line Chimney Rebuild service begins with the removal of deteriorated mortar and brick to the flashing area. We then inspect the flashing for leaks and replace them as needed and then rebuilt the chimney to current code height requirements. Roof staging or scaffolding will be required for this work because of the need for a safe platform.

A ground-up chimney rebuild can replace damaged bricks and mortar, while also offering improved safety. This type of service will provide you with a completely repaired chimney from ground level to the top. After a Chimney Saver rebuilds, the finished product will help you protect your chimney from water damage.

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