Masonry Repairs Watertown

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Masonry Repairs Watertown

Has your brick wall been repaired today by our masonry repair contractors in Watertown? We offer brick veneer installation, brick pointing, chimney repair and more. Our masonry repairs are fast, clean and professional. 

Our Watertown masonry contractors are proficient in installing finishes on your stone or concrete surfaces that will make them more durable and resistant to damage from water and other elements. The finishes that they use include sealants, acrylic resins, epoxy resins and other similar products. If you have an older home with a driveway or patio that needs some attention then you may want to consider hiring our United Masonry contractor in Watertown to perform this type of work for you. 

 Call us today for a free estimate of all of your masonry repair needs in Watertown. 

What can be done about efflorescence?

The efflorescence looks like white powder on the surface of brick or concrete. It is the result of moisture moving through masonry, bringing minerals with it, and crystallizing on the surface. The most visible sign of efflorescence is a white powdery residue that appears on brick, concrete, stone or other masonry surfaces after a water saturation event. This may be accompanied by a slight discolouration of the mortar or staining of the grout joints as well.

United Masonry has developed a solution to remove efflorescence from masonry surfaces and restore the original color and design elements of a building. In addition to cleaning the existing surface, United Masonry specialists can prevent future efflorescence problems by sealing cracks and voids within the masonry structure with an in-depth inspection and sealing process. United Masonry has performed successful solutions on all types of buildings, including residential homes, commercial buildings, schools and government structures.

Should you worry about salt deterioration?

People worry about the salt deterioration in masonry construction because it’s an area that’s often overlooked when it comes to home maintenance. It’s easy to think you’ll have plenty of time to fix it later, or you may not even know that the damage is happening. But it’s important to know what to look for and what steps you can take to keep your home safe and intact.

One of the most common areas of concern is chimneys, which are essential to the fireplace and wood-burning stove usage. Although rain also causes erosion, the biggest problem with chimneys is the result of high winds that whip up sand and salt from the road, sending them flying into your home. These airborne particles can do serious damage if they land on your masonry’s surface and start eating away at it.

A lot of people assume that the solution is simply to paint those surfaces—but that’s not enough! What should you do instead? You can repair the cracks in your brick or stone with mortar, but it depends on how much damage has been done. If there are just a few cracks, then applying some mortar will be enough to protect it from further harm.

Repairing a major crack may require professional help—but don’t worry! Contact us today for Masonry Repairs in the Watertown area.

Does the age of the building matter when determining how often to inspect and repair masonry?

The age of the building can play a role in how often you examine and repair masonry if it’s a historical structure, so be sure to check for signs of damage to your building’s exterior. If the structure is older than 50 years and has masonry that’s in poor condition, it might need more frequent repairs. In this case, the masonry is often made of bricks, stone or concrete fired over 50 years ago and hasn’t been replaced since then. These older materials tend to break down faster—bricks might crack or fully break, while stones or concrete might crumble or fall apart.

A good rule of thumb is to check on any masonry that’s 50 years old or older every five years or every year if you see visible signs of deterioration. If you see loose bricks, chunks of stone missing or concrete flooring or walls crumbling, it’s essential to get them repaired immediately since they’re likely to get worse with time.

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